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 Quantities in stock of Evergreen  are 3-4 of each number. Greater quantities are available and can be in stock and ready to ship in 4-7 days. Most orders waiting on missing items ship the following Friday.

   Minimum Order $15.00

      Price listing chart

We have no large quantities available for next or second day delivery.

Please Call 757-874-5708 to order. Fax number 757-874-3746.  To save time, e-mail your order for availability then call or fax with your payment method, We accept MC,Visa, Amex, Discover as well as Money orders and Paypal. 




PlainSheets12x6       Plain Sheets11x14                Clear Sheets 12X6
     angles.jpg (547 bytes)        Angles roundtubing.jpg (793 bytes)   RoundTubing
 quarterround.jpg (823 bytes)Quarter round hcolumns.jpg (620 bytes)          H-Columns
Ibeam.jpg (1018 bytes)        I-Beams __    Styrene Strips
  halfround.jpg (747 bytes) Half Round channel.jpg (921 bytes)   Channels
  squaretubing.jpg (839 bytes)Square tubing roundrod.jpg (773 bytes)      Round Rod
recttubing.jpg (942 bytes)Rectangular tubing clapboard.jpg (712 bytes)clapboard siding
corrsiding.jpg (659 bytes)Corrugated metal siding squaretile.jpg (750 bytes)square tile
sidewalk.jpg (718 bytes)Sidewalk boardbatten.jpg (762 bytes)Board and Batten
vgroove.jpg (722 bytes)V-grooved sheets